Monaco, 19 November 2020 – IQONIQ, the revolutionary fan engagement platform for the world of sports and entertainment, has today announced the hotly anticipated release of the IQONIQ app will officially launch to the public in the first quarter of 2021.

A number of factors had pushed back its original release date of autumn 2020, most notably, the global Covid-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has resulted in a number of associated logistical implications which, given the impact of the virus around the world, is a small inconvenience compared to what many are experiencing. Whilst the delay is frustrating, the number of engaging in-app functions has been increased as a result, delivering an even greater, unrivalled fan experience for all when the app launches.

IQONIQ CEO, Kazim Atilla, said: “Having worked and consulted with our many partners and teams, we feel launching the IQONIQ App at the start of 2021 is a much better solution. Given the unprecedented impact our industry has faced in 2020, kicking off 2021 with the launch of the platform felt like a natural thing to do. It gives us all a fresh start, and welcomes in a new dawn in fan engagement for sports and entertainment. We will continue to monitor the situation into the first quarter of the New Year and are all excited to release the IQONIQ app to the public.”

The IQONIQ app, which will allow for a more engaging, rewarding and purposeful relationship between fans and their favorite teams, leagues, competitions, brands, and icons, will be packed with never-before-seen features; including live scores, gamification, messaging, merchandise, club stores, and a host of prizes and exclusive access.