Yes, anyone can use the IQONIQ app for free. but you can choose to upgrade to premium which will activate the many benefits you can gain from.

The app will be available in the App Store and Google Play store very soon...

IQONIQ has created a platform that rewards the fans for their loyalty! Fans will enjoy from all the partnerships, fantastic deals and amazing prizes from the Idols & Clubs and all the partners on IQONIQ. All you have to do? Be the fan you are, support and interact with your Idol!

Gamification will be open for fans during live games and everyone can join the game and compete against each other. IQONIQ will together with the clubs create amazing prizes that will be given to the winners.

Yes! If your Club is a part of IQONIQ, you will 100% be able to find their newest products on our Webshop and get the best deals on the market!

Fans can upgrade their free account to a platinum account and enjoy the many benefits on IQONIQ and the club they selected. Fans will earn more loyalty points per action, get higher discounts & cashback, be able to win exclusive prizes that are only available for fans with a premium account and to use our VR/AR broadcast!
You will also get a customized physical debit card which can be used all over the world and earn loyalty points for each purchase you make with it.

We will only sell tickets from all the Idols & Clubs that have joined IQONIQ and will be one of the first places where Fans can purchase the ticket on the market!

We constantly work on bringing all the biggest Idols & Clubs into IQONIQ. Sign up to our newsletter and stay up to date which Idol & Club that joins next!

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