IQONIQ becomes the official beach soccer fan engagement platform

Beach Soccer World Wide is proud to announce a key strategical partnership agreement with IQONIQ, who becomes the official beach soccer fan engagement platform on a multi-year deal.

This new relationship, which will begin immediately and last for the next three seasons, makes IQONIQ the exclusive official fan engagement and loyalty platform for all the Beach Soccer World Wide-organized competitions.

Founded in 1992, Beach Soccer World Wide, the entity behind the creation and promotion of beach soccer on a global stage, is a major sports property. For almost three decades, BSWW has organized more than 300 international top-level events in more than 50 countries all over the world, involving thousands of athletes and achieving yearly audiences above 250 million households.

IQONIQ is a new social media and fan engagement platform that targets the world of sport and entertainment from a unique perspective. IQONIQ’s varied and dynamic all-in-one app creates a whole new experiential ecosystem that provides fans with a more personalized, stimulant and interactive approach, in which they obtain rewards, exclusive content, in-app games and special merchandise and ticketing offers following a detailed engagement loyalty program, thus strengthening the way they relate with their favorite stars, teams and clubs.

Launching in fall 2020, IQONIQ has already reached worldwide agreements with big sports properties such as LaLiga, Euroleague Basketball, McLaren Racing, Olympique Marseille, AS Monaco, Real Sociedad, Crystal Palace and FC Zenit, amongst many others.

This strategical agreement reinforces Beach Soccer World Wide’s commitment with its fanbase, exploring new ways to give supporters a much more intense and direct conversation with the sport, its athletes and

For IQONIQ, beach soccer offers a new universe in the top-notch sport, with a very active and committed fanbase, at the time it gives access to audiences and users no other sport can.

Joan Cusco, Beach Soccer World Wide president:
“Our task is to promote and develop beach soccer and engaging with our fans is one of our main priorities, because they play an instrumental role in the sport. Beach soccer is a young, fresh and vivid sport, and our relationship with our fans is something we truly value. This is why the agreement with IQONIQ is so important for us. It opens a whole new set of possibilities to relate with our fanbase, to offer new experiences and to strengthen our communication with the global beach soccer family at a whole new level”.

Kazim Atilla, CEO and founder of IQONIQ:
“Beach soccer is a sport with a huge potential, with a strong connection with its supporters, both inside and outside the stadium. It is very important for us to have the chance to work with such a unique sport, with
endless possibilities with regards to fan engagement, what will give us a phenomenal opportunity to provide unexplored experiences to our users”.

About Beach Soccer World Wide:
Beach Soccer World Wide is the major entity behind the creation and promotion of beach soccer at a global scale. Since its foundation in 1992, Beach Soccer World Wide has organized more than 300 top-flight events
in 50 coutries around the world, involving more than 130 National Football Associations as well as porfessional clubs. In 2004, after the agreement between Beach Soccer World Wide and FIFA, the sport became a part of the FIFA family, and the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, now held biennially, was created.

IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that exclusively targets the “Sport & Entertainment world”. Combining all the modern-day features of fandom into a single platform, IQONIQ provides fans with a new, never-seen-before fan ecosystem to experience a deeper, rewarding and purposeful engagement with their Idols as well as their favorite clubs/teams from sports and entertainment. The IQONIQ platform is due to become live for users in fall 2020. For more information on IQONIQ, please visit or email to