Fan Engagement is About to Change – For Good

Creation of IQONIQ digital platform is announced

Nothing in sports and entertainment can be taken for granted.

Whether it be the success of your club, your league or your idol, nothing is for certain. This is especially relevant for the love and dedication that fans give to these industries. Over generations, their level of devotion, through the good and the bad, has been unmatched across industries and across the world.

But even the most die-hard fan needs to feel that their love is replicated. That their support is mutual, and their appreciation prioritized over other goals.

Now, fan engagement is about to be taken to another level.

By offering an all-in-one digital solution for leagues, clubs, and idols, the IQONIQ platform is about to change the game. In an increasingly cluttered market, where fans need to scour multiple platforms to find the information they want, IQONIQ offers fans clearer and deeper opportunities to engage with those they support, with exclusive, unique benefits to fans and rights-holders alike.

Having already established partnerships with world-leading sports leagues and clubs across Europe, IQONIQ will give fans unique access to their idols and make them feel appreciated and valued, ensuring that their fandom of today becomes the fandom of tomorrow.

Reflecting on the birth of the IQONIQ platform, CEO Kazim Atilla said “Today is an exciting day for the sports and entertainment industry because we are announcing the creation of a platform that is bringing leagues, clubs, sports icons and fans together like never before. IQONIQ is an innovative all-in-one solution for fans and rights-holders, who can interact and engage with each other on one platform. Fans will be able to check posts, live scores, get news, buy tickets, play games to win prizes, acquire merchandise and much more, while also earning loyalty and bonus points on our platform. Meanwhile, sports and entertainment rights-holders will be able to increase their engagement and interaction with their supporters in a new and unique way. We look forward to announcing some strategic high profile partnerships in the coming weeks, culminating in the launch of the online platform next month.”

With ever-changing developments in technology and society, fan support can no longer be taken for granted. With IQONIQ, fan engagement is soon to change for good. Are you ready to change with it?