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Transforming the manner in which people experience sports and entertainment

End-to-end fan engagement platform and the first solution in the market to address all fan needs in one place with a focus on innovation and delivering unique fan experience at scale for billions of underserved sports and entertainment fans globally


Fan engagement today is broken. One and the same fan is engaging with one and the same club or idol across multiple, mostly disconnected channels that are generally not coordinated with one another. Fans globally are disconnected from their favorite teams and idols – all while sports clubs and organizations continue to see their audiences disappear, lacking the data and tools to monetize the remaining fan base or grow new following.

Sports Fans:

Organizations & Idols:

"It seems counterintuitive that one of the most dedicated and passionate groups doesn't have a devoted home in the digital world where they can connect.​


Our solution: end-to-end platform for fan engagement

For fans - Key features

All content on favorite clubs and idols in one personalized news feed:

For Clubs - Key features

One platform for all fan communication and engagement needs:

Our Product & Technology

Vertically integrated fan platform driving seamless multi-title, multi-product experience

Proprietary technology stack powering 360° approach to fan engagement

Experience-rich digital ecosystem

Multiple technologies & custom developed components that come together in a uniquely configured ways to deliver scalable experiences & content consumption & drive cyclical augmentation

Why What we've built is unique